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Frequently Asked Questions

So you have a question? Well, we have answeres. Here are some of the most asked questions to date. Go through them, your question might have been answered already.

What is kind of events do you guys do?

Well, we do all sorts of events. From private parties, baby showers, to weddings. Big or small, we are not picky.

I am not in Johannesburg, can you guys travel?

We are very flexible. We really do not mind travelling, just let us know on time and we can assure you, we will be there.

What if I do not have a full amaount?

We have different payment plans tailored to your needs. You can actually pay small installments months before the event so that when the time comes, you are all set.

What if I decide not to continue with the event?

We understand, life happens. You will get most of your money back. we normaly have a non refundable fee for such occasions.

More questions?

Well contact us, we will answer all your questions.